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Natural fog system

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Tube-chain type conveying equipment for powder & grain materials:
     Tissue culture and foliar feeding
     Pest and disease control
     Frost protection and heat retention
     CO2 injecting


(PJ)B   Suit type host

(PJ)B  Suit type host

The nature fog system can improve air quality, reduce indoor ans outdoor temperature, prettify environment, and currently have the function of lower temperature, keeping humidity, dust-proof and gardening for the landscape.
It can be widespreadly used in landscape garden and landscape programme, eg. "Taiwan's Window on China", rest station, "Chen-Guo Cafe" etc.

The nature fog system use high precise equipment to handle water.
The handled pure water float in the air with a mininum diameter particle, it's formed a specical landscape as white cloud and mist, just like concentration of nature fog, fogin the forest.


Small smart suit type

PJ  Direct type host






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